Adella Prise

Captain Heinrik's Better half


Keeping to herself, it would be easy to accuse Adella of disinterest and lacking passions: a perfect citizen for all intents and purposes.

The reality is quite different. Born in a place known only as a series of guttural sounds, she lacks any ability to communicate with most of the claw and to save face she keeps her roundabout talk to herself. And so her reputation as a sedate body guard and advisor is legendary, in the right communities.

Yet out at sea, she has a much more vibrant legacy. She is known to be without equal in combat, and her and Lukas de Poignard’s bouts have been known to leave many a passer-by or nearby construction site worse for wear.

Many claim she has a far too open admiration for Captain Heinrik, though it is often written off as the puppy dog eyes one offers the only kind person in existence.


Adella Prise

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