Baron "Jeggers" Jegson

An up and comer of House Nightguard.


Depending who you ask will depend on what kind of description you get of Baron Harold Jegson. Were you to ask his superiors, they would nasally tell you he was reliable. Were you to ask his rivals, they would point you at Lord Kale who would describe him as bastardous. Were you to ask his soldiers, you would like gargle on your own blood as they ran you through for dare questioning their loyalty.

Without a doubt, he inspires strong feelings in everyone around him of hate, love and respect in varying measures.

He is known to come from outside the claw, an Islander Ward who rose to Captaincy of the Guard in House Nightguard before being awarded a wife and title for the rescue of the youngest daughter. This legacy has been the back drop of his continued attempt to reimagine himself as a “Military Man”

He is a known spellbound of the more passive schools: Hearts and Language of the Stars. The power to see the future, and nudge the emotions of those around him.

Without a doubt, he is one of the most dangerous men in the claw.


Baron "Jeggers" Jegson

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