Captain Heinrik

Competent Sailor and Drinker, not a pirate


The diminutive Captain Heinrik has few deficiencies in life. A charismatic man of middling upbringing left him with the ability to find work and friends in any port, and a lifetime at sea left him a ripping physique and that rough, attractive complexion.

If he only had only managed to be more than 4ft tall, he would have rose to great heights in more areas of life.

As it was, he was raised as a the son of a sea merchant, and only by merit of nepotism did he manage to carve out a name for himself and purchase a boat to call his own. Since then he has made certain bad gambles and unnecessary modifications to his ship, leaving him to hire himself out to Nobles as reckless adventurer willing to work for more or less any price.

Notable achievements:

  • He once crashed the inauguration of the Ruling House of Marnh, and managed to leave named the guest of honour
  • He is said to have personally sunk 23 ships without aid of Cannon or firepower
  • He once made love to three princes and two princesses in the Dragon Isles. Rumours persist one of them was even a dragon shapeshifter.

Captain Heinrik

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