Lord Kale

Eccentric Collector and Second Son of House Kale


Lord Oliver Kale is the second son of House Kale, fourth in line to run his house, and twenty-third in line to inherit a Duchy, making him one hundred and seventy-third in line to be King. Not everyone has odds like that.

Raised as a second son, he has all the education to rule but none of the expectation thanks to the survivability and virility of his brother. He instead functions as a full time executive of Public Relations for his house, seeking to increase their fame and reach across the claw for the good of the family.

He does so by spending his time contributing to places of learning in the Western Claw, often attending auctions as far as the second Peninsula, in order to draw attention, as well as trinkets of high value if low use.

In recent years, he has mellowed out. A certain “incident” regarding his scarred face “burnt” out some of the worse elements of his character leaving a man of certain goals and strong a will to achieve. He is, however, often unpopular in court for being erratic, self-serving and unrelatable.


Lord Kale

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